Diamond Candles / Rebrand

Diamond Candles is an online retailer of handmade soy candles.  Some of their candles have rings in them worth $10, $100, $1000 or $5000.  They want to move beyond the ring candle.  

So we channeled the surprise factor of the ring to make the brand stand for delight and serendipity to encourage people to seek life's unexpected delights.



Renaming Candle Groups:

Different scents work best in certain rooms.  We changed candle category names from "fruity" and "fresh" to the names of places around the home to increase the odds of having a perfect room and scent fit. 

Descriptions of Scents:

Since Diamond Candles currently only sold online and scent is one of the top selling points of candles, we need to have an interesting way that shows the candle's scent and personality without physically smelling or holding the candle.

Front and Back Packaging:

Front: Features an image related to the scent's feel instead of generic imagry.

Back: Explains how to get the ring while reminding people that the candle's personality is just as important.

Scratch 'N Scent:

The idea of spreading delight extends to every part of the purchasing experience.  These could be placed inside the packaging recent purchases as an added bonus.

Mobile App:

Mini Branding Book:

We bound all our work in a book.  Below are some sample pages.  The whole book lives here.


CBM: Lauren UlmerCT: Christine PizzoCW: Colleen Trachy

(Note: I made the print ad. Please don't hold my attempt at photoshopping against them.)