M.O. / Digital Experience

We've yet to master exactly how to use a tablet, create content for the tablet and advertise on the tablet.

To show how we can better exploit tablet technology to its fullest potential, we created M.O., a digital experience combining a digital magazine with a transmedia campaign dedicated to crime.


We capture the attention of couch detectives with banner ads.

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Individual Lines:


Magazine Intro Page:

The M.O. logo changes based on the issue's theme.

Our first issue focuses on serial killers, with an emphasis on the Zodiac Killer.  During the time he was active, he wrote notes to the police and would leave clues for people to find.  We were fascinated by the fact he has yet to be caught.

Table of Contents:

The magazine is set up to have a "choose your own adventure" narrative.

Take A Deeper Look:

Throughout the major articles, we created smaller features sometimes hidden as Easter eggs in the articles.


After you finish an article, you're faced with a choice in how you want to proceed.


For example, if you picked "Get Inside His Head," you would be sent to an interview with a psychologist.

Branded Content:

After reading certain articles or taking quizzes, you get a reward in the form of brand-sponsored downloadable PDFs.  For example, the Zodiac Killer typically murdered his victims at secluded Lover's Lane type spots.

"Which Type Of Serial Killer Are You?" Quiz

Your answers greatly affect the outcome of the rest of your journey.

Mobile App:

The answers to your quiz affect your character in the app.

With each issue, the app updates with a new game.

Since this issue focuses on serial killers, we created a version of Assassins.

Leave Behind:

We presented M.O. in class twice.  

The first time, we created a leave behind with the names of everyone in the class.  

We decided what kind of killer they were, gave them a target and two ways to kill their target.  

Either by liquid poison (hot sauce) or solid poison (rock candy).

Short Film:

We launched M.O. with a transmedia campaign that weaves the narrative of a real life story with the content released in the magazine.


AD (Video & Infographics): Jay YalungAD (Magazine)/CT: Ollie CortumCT/CW: Edwin PocheCW: Karen BolipataCW: Colleen Trachy