Nexus 7 / Launch Campaign

What is a tablet?  It's not a phone or a computer.  What was it even created to be? 

Made by Google, the Nexus 7 is the cheapest most hackable tablet and a favorite among MacGyverists.  They've turned it into things like a GPS, a pinball machine and a universal remote.

Because a tablet this versatile doesn't just have a certain way to use it.  It was created to be what you make it.

Call to MacGyvers:

We challenge people to come up with Nexus 7 hacks for us with a prize of winning a job at Google.  We collect all the hacks on the site and allow users to upvote hacks they think are cool.


Working off our new collection of hacks, we tell the public exactly what they can do with the Nexus 7.


Google Sponsored Ads:

We hack the Google Search Engine with Google-sponsored ads that suggest people use a Nexus 7 to make the items they're looking to buy. 

Hack Coaching:

Because the average person may have difficulty completing a hack by themselves, we will sponsor Google Hangouts with experts showing off how to complete hacks.  And we'll post them on YouTube.


CBM: Jonathan SekerakCS: Araba WilsonAD: Jay Yalung, CT: Owen WeeksCW: Colleen Trachy